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Booking your tests – A warning!

A couple of my pupils have recently booked their tests (both the Theory and the Practical tests) using a third party website.  It will remain unnamed but usually appears at the top of a Google search (but purely because it is a paid advert!). This particular third party website charges considerably more than booking direct (46% more for the Theory test) and you don’t get details of the test time or date for over a week!

Please please please book your test directly with the DSA (the links to their official booking pages can be found on the links page of my own website) where you can book the time and date of your choice and pay no more that the DSA fee.

It is also a useful opportunity to mention that it is important to discuss plans with me before booking your tests, to enable me to plan a Hazard Perception driving lesson (before your Theory Test) and to make sure that I (and my car!) are available at the time/date of your intended test date (Practical Test). If you would prefer, I am happy to book your Practical Test date for you (and will not charge you a penny more than the DSA fee!).

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