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Pass Plus Course – Discounted Prices

The minimum cost of the Pass Plus course (3 x 2 hour sessions) charged by the AA in Nottingham is £171 (with any additional sessions needed charged at £28.50 per hour).

However, I am currently charging just £155 for bookings made directly with me (i.e. nearly 10% less than the standard AA price), with any additional hours charged @ £25 per hour (12% less than the standard AA hourly rate). A further £15 discount (nearly 10%) is offered to people who learned to drive with me (and passed their driving test in my car).

For people who have not learned to drive with me but want me to deliver their Pass Plus course, I am currently offering the course with an additional free one hour included (i.e. 7 hours for the price of 6 hours). This gives us the opportunity to meet and chat, before commencing the course, gives you a little time to get used to driving my car (if using my car) and allows me to briefly assess your driving skills (to help tailor your Pass Plus course to suit your specific needs).

Pass Plus is not a driving test but a course (minimum of 6 hours) that builds on your current skills and knowledge, aiming to help you anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards, and help you become a more confident driver.

The Pass Plus course consists of the following six modules, dealing with driving in different conditions:

Driving around a town

All weather driving

Driving in the countryside

Driving at night

Driving on dual carriageways

Driving on motorways

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