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Cheaper Driving Lessons

Following a review of my pricing structure today, my standard PAYG driving lesson prices for the rest of 2013 will remain at 2012 prices with one exception. The cost of the session on the day of the practical test (i.e. a one hour lesson prior to the test and the use of the car for the test) will be standardised to a £40 fee (for a weekday test) or £50 (for a test on a Saturday). However, this fee will be waived for any brand new learner (i.e. a learner without any previous driving experience) who has learned to drive exclusively with me and not cancelled any lessons (with less than 48 hours notice).

The discounts for block bookings (purchasing a set of 10 lessons, paid for in advance of the lessons) have also been reviewed. People who wish to have their lessons at the weekends will continue to receive a discount. However, an even larger discount is now provided to people who have their lessons during weekdays. Depending on my availability, further discounts may be available to NHS staff, employees of e.on and students of the University of Nottingham (please contact me for more details).

Full details of lesson prices can be found in the Lesson Prices section of this website.

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