AA Franchised Driving Instructor in NG2, NG7, NG8 and NG9
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First Time Pass at Beeston Test Centre

Congratulations Umer on passing your test today at Beeston Test Centre (on your first attempt). Obviously, it has been a longer process than usual because your first test was cancelled (due to weather conditions), before you had to return to University, and then the test centre (at Chalfont Drive) closed. However, the extra lessons you’ve had this summer, primarily to familiarise you with the Beeston test area, have helped you become a far more accomplished driver. Well done again on your success today and I wish you many years of safe driving ahead of you.

Thoroughly professional instructor, with great attention to detail, as well as providing a friendly learning experience. Being taught by Martin, your odds of passing are likely to shoot up!  Most importantly, you will be a good driver at the end of the process. Umer

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