AA Franchised Driving Instructor in NG2, NG7, NG8 and NG9
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Semi Intensive Evening Driving Lessons in Nottingham

Learning to drive in the evening is particularly useful for people who work during the day (and want to keep their weekends free).  Now that we are moving towards the summer months, it’s a perfect time to start learning to drive, given the lighter evenings.

If you are a brand new learner (and bearing in mind that most people require around 50 hours of driving lessons to reach test standard), you might want to consider having two lessons a week. Avoiding large gaps between the lessons, especially at the early stages of learning to drive or for people who don’t have the opportunity to practice between lessons, can be a useful way of helping you progress more quickly.

I currently have availability for driving lessons in the evenings (for lessons starting at 6.30 or 7pm) so, if you are interested, please complete the contact form or call me today on 0798 011 1234 (or send me an SMS).

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