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Louisa Passes at Beeston Test Centre

Well done Louisa on successfully passing your driving test on your first attempt today, at Beeston Test Centre. Your pass is my 15th pass out of the last 16 tests, taken by people who have learned to drive with me, since the end of March 2014. I am so pleased for you and feel it rewards you for your dedication, determination and desire to learn and improve.  It really has been a pleasure to have taught you, to have gotten to know you and support you since last November. Congratulations and good luck with your exam results!

I started off driving with Martin with no experience whatsoever. He had a lot of patience with me and worked at my own pace. It was not long until we built a bond which helped me to feel comfortable to make silly mistakes and learn from them. After 7 months, I passed first time. I wasn’t confident enough that I would pass but Martin believed in me and pushed me reach my full potential. I now feel that I will be safe when driving on the road by myself. My Tuesday mornings will not be the same without my driving lessons. And I highly recommend anyone to drive with Martin! – Louisa

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