AA Franchised Driving Instructor in NG2, NG7, NG8 and NG9
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Zhen Passes at Beeston Test Centre

Belated congratulations to Zhen for passing your test at Beeston last Friday. Although I didn’t know you for long, it was a pleasure to support you to success in your driving test. A combination of familiarisation with the test area at Beeston, some fine tuning of your driving skills and a bit of confidence was all that you needed from me (your skills at performing the test manoeuvres were perfect before you even met me). Well done again and enjoy your driving!

Changed three instructors and failed three tests?! Yes, it was me – defeated and frustrated. Getting the UK driving licence had turned out a tortuous experience before I met Martin. Within just a few lessons with him, Martin helped me restore my confidence, polish my skills and finally claim a victory of a long battle! Never enough word can be said to express my gratitude and appreciation to Martin for his professional and excellent teaching and generous support. Thank you Martin, I just wish I have found you earlier! But nevertheless, not only I can drive now, but I will enjoy driving for the rest of my life! That is the most invaluable thing you have given to me! – Zhen

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