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Pass Rates 2014

At the end of each year, I review the results of practical tests taken during the whole year by people who have learned to drive with me.  Many driving instructors and schools will claim to have high pass rates but I prefer to give a more accurate picture of the results of practical tests. In addition, aside of me working out my pass rate for the year, reviewing results is a useful way of analysing any common reasons for not passing a test during the year (to help learners taking a test in the future).

In performing my review of the whole of 2014, I’ve discovered that during the period of March to December 2014, 20 out of 25 consecutive tests resulted in a pass (80%). Over the full year, 92% of pupils who learned to drive with me (and took their test during the year), passed. Of those, 58% passed first time and 25% passed on their second attempt.

When choosing a driving instructor, you may want to take into account the pass rate of the instructor. Very few driving instructors publish their rates and many don’t even know what their rate is. I should highlight that there is no standard by which each driving instructor calculates their pass rates and there is no way of checking the accuracy of any figures provided.  For these reasons alone, it is very difficult to compare pass rates with other driving instructors (and do consider that the driving test is a test of a learner’s abilities displayed on the day of the test and, therefore, not necessarily the quality of their driving instructor e.g. some of the best learner drivers can be badly affected by nerves and make an uncharacteristic  mistake on the day of their test). My view is if you feel the pass rate is an important factor in choosing a driving instructor, ask the question and listen to how they reply to the question (especially if they appear vague or are unable (or even unwilling) to give you any stats, or seem uncomfortable talking about it.

The national average pass rate (published by the DSA) is 49% for men and 43% for women (the pass rate in Nottingham is lower than the national average with a pass rate of up to 47% for men and 38% for women).

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