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Theory Test Preparation

During your driving lessons, I try to explore your learning style in order to help you learn to drive in the most appropriate way for you, because people learn in different ways.

Preparing for your Theory Test is no different. Some people like to read a range of books (including the Highway Code) from cover to cover; some like to learn from a range of interactive media (e.g. using websites, Apps, CD-ROM, DVDs); some like to develop knowledge through discussions in the car, some like to learn through practical experience in driving lessons; some people like to make their own notes and revise and others simply take continuous practice tests and learn from their mistakes.

Prior to booking your Theory Test, I will explore your plans for preparation with you and offer suggestions to fit your learning style (including the use of part of some driving lessons to focus on Hazard Perception) and, once you’ve booked your test, I will discuss progress against your plans during your lessons. There is no right or wrong way to prepare for your Theory Test, as long as you do prepare. Don’t make the mistake (that many people do) of thinking that that multiple choice question based tests are all about common sense and there is need no preparation or what worked for your friends will work for you. In my experience, people who fail their Theory Test have simply not allocated sufficient time to learn. This is possibly because learning the theory of driving is often seen purely as passing a test, but it really is much more than that. The test is simply a way of demonstrating that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the rules of the road and ways to drive safely, so that you are equipped to handle a range of different situations when you do pass your practical test (where you demonstrate that you have the skills to acts upon the knowledge you have) and are able to drive on your own. So do remember that, even when you pass your test, you do need to continue to develop and refresh your knowledge and I will use driving lessons to encourage this (especially if you got several questions wrong in the test), through verbal discussions about a range of driving subjects, exploring scenarios with diagrams and pictures or discussing different situations, roads signs and road marking while you are driving.

If you are thinking about taking your Theory Test, have a chat with me first or have a look at some of the supporting web-pages on the links page of my website.

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