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Choosing a Driving Instructor

If you are looking for driving lessons, it is really useful to plan in advance, to consider different driving instructors, explore your options and choose an instructor who really suits your needs. Ideally, it’s best to engage with and start building your relationship with your chosen driving instructor well before a start date (meeting before the first lesson, if possible, so that you can be sure that he/she is the right instructor for you and you can both start preparing for that first lesson). However, in my experience, people who want to start driving lessons often only contact a driving instructor in the week that they actually want to start their lessons. This means that people who want to start their lessons NOW often end up with a driving instructor who has availability NOW rather than their preferred instructor. In reality, most good driving instructors will have full diaries and availability only generally occurs when an existing learner passes their test. For example, my own diary for lessons at the weekend is currently completely full.  A slot will only become available when one of those learners passes their test (and I already have two people on a waiting list for lessons at the weekend).

When choosing a driving instructor,you may have a range of requirements e.g. the type of car, the location of the driving instructor, the driving instructor’s familiarity with your area/experience of a particular test area, their pass rate as well as having availability when you are available for lessons (in addition to cost of lessons).  Beyond all that, do consider that you could be spending up to 40-50 hours learning to drive in a car with someone you’ve probably never met, so it is really important that you feel comfortable with your chosen instructor and feel that you’ll get on. As a driving instructor,  I like to explore your requirements in detail (such as understanding what stage of driving you are at (e.g. a complete beginner or someone who has already had some driving lessons), how you learn, how you react to situations out of your comfort zone, your motivations for learning to drive, all of which help me adapt my teaching style so that it is tailored to you as an individual. With this in mind, and because I always find it useful to meet and chat before a first lesson, I offer a Free Introductory Meeting.

If you would like to consider me as your driving instructor in Nottingham and feel that discussing your requirements in more detail would help, please complete the contact form or call me (or send me a text message) today on 0798 011 1234.

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