AA Franchised Driving Instructor in NG2, NG7, NG8 and NG9
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Instructor for Driving Test in Nottingham

If you have arrived at this page because you need a driving instructor for your driving test (at short notice), please be aware that note that my driving school car is only allowed to be taken to a test by my own learners, who have already been taking lessons with me. Please read this article in full before contacting me!

I only take my own learners to test when I know that they are absolutely ready to take it and, more importantly, when they are suitably equipped to drive on their own after passing their test.  Only taking learners to test who are ready to take it means that, over a period of time, a driving instructor develops a good reputation with the local examiners (a reputation which can only enhance the prospects of future learners being taken to test). Taking learners to test who are not ready to take it (or who I am not familiar enough) risks this reputation. In addition, like most good driving instructors, my diary for the following week or two will nearly always be fully booked – so it is highly unlikely that I would be in a position to be available at short notice (i.e. not just for a test within the next 10 days but also for lessons that would be required leading up to a test booked any time in the next month) – and will obviously not cancel a lesson with one of my regular learners for a total stranger.

I do regularly get messages from learners asking if I am available for a driving test at short notice.  Talking to other instructors, it is clear that I am not the only instructor who gets these types of requests. There are a number of reasons why these situations arise but are often prompted by a learner finding a short notice cancellation before checking that their driving instructor is available before booking the test or not having had any professional lessons before booking a test. Obviously there could be situation where their driving instructor is ill or their car is not available for the test and I may consider helping but that is subject to my own availability and having a conversation with the driving instructor concerned (with your permission).  Having said that, any good instructor would have a contingency plan to deal with these situations and will have their own contacts (so are in a better position to make alternative arrangements for you and assure another instructor that you are ready for your test). On that note, as part of planning for a test (and before booking it), ask your driving instructor what would happen if they were ill or if their car developed a fault in the week of the test. If they don’t have a contingency plan, you might want to think about developing one yourself at that point (before booking the test).

If you have been unable to find an instructor to support you, one option may be to rent a car for the test. A hire car can be used provided it meets the minimum requirements for a test and is fitted with dual controls. There is only one rental car company in Nottingham who I know hires cars to learners (with dual controls fitted) – a quick search on Google will find them.

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