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Cost of Weekend Driving Tests

With the increasing waiting list for practical driving tests during the summer months (it can increase from a 4 week waiting list to 10-12 weeks during the summer), the DVSA occasionally provide extra test slots on a Saturday and, sometimes, even Sunday.

Booking a test at the weekend needs to be agreed with me first, as my weekend diary is usually fully booked and will require me to liaise with the learner(s) whose regular slots would be affected. Unfortunately, the timing of tests means that two driving lesson slots are often affected by one test and many learners who have lessons at the weekend are unable to have lessons at other times.

As a result of the inconvenience of tests at the weekend, if it is possible to accommodate a test, I will charge the full hourly rate (£25 per hour), and any normal discounted price (from a block booking) will not apply. This is in line with the fact that DVSA charge extra for a test at the weekend (£75 instead of £62 for a test during the week). However, please note that I do not charge extra for people having a test at the weekend, if they usually have weekend lessons, but would aim to have the test within the timeslot of their usual lesson.

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