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Evening Driving Lessons – Driving in the Dark

During the autumn and winter months, it starts getting dark much earlier (as I write this post, it is currently getting dark by 7.30pm and it will soon be dark before 6pm, once the clocks go back at the end of October).  I encourage all my learners to have at least one lesson in the evening (to gain experience of driving in the dark) but I am mindful that many people don’t have that opportunity (especially those who learn to drive in the summer months, when it doesn’t get dark until very late).

If you do not have much experience of driving in the dark (perhaps you’ve recently passed your test) and would like to have the opportunity to drive in the dark with an instructor to help you prepare for the coming winter months, please either call me on 0798 011 1234 or complete the contact form (outlining your requirements in more details).

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