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One Hour Driving Lessons

Following a couple of recent requests for one hour driving lessons, I thought I’d outline my approach to providing one hour lessons.

I do offer one hour driving lessons (at the standard hourly rate) for people with specific medical conditions or learning difficulties (where it is difficult to concentrate for more than one hour). Other than that, I generally only offer one hour lessons to people who have reached a good standard of driving where they simply need to practice and fine tune their driving skills (and this usually means that they are fairly accomplished at performing all four test manoeuvres too) AND they also live within the boundaries of a test area. Most test centres have up to 20 test routes and, if living some distance (in time) from the central part of the test area, it is virtually impossible to drive around any test route in one hour lessons (especially if time is needed to also practise manoeuvres). While it is not essential to be familiar with test routes (in fact, to pass a test, a learner should be able to drive anywhere), it can be very daunting to approach a complex roundabout or a quirky junction for the first time on the day of the test!

Most of my learners take 1½ hour (90 minute) driving lessons (which tend to provide the same value as 2 x 1 hour lessons, at a lower cost, but also means that it’s easier to drive around the test area). While some people do opt for two hour lessons (which can be the most cost effective), a two hour lesson can be quite tiring for many people.  As the cost (in time and petrol) in travelling to and from your location is the same for a one hour lesson as it is for a two hour lesson,  I offer discounted prices for longer lessons (e.g. a 2 hour lesson is £45, whereas 2 x 1 hour lessons would cost £50) and also offer reduced prices for booking 10 x 1½ hour lessons or 10 x 2 hour lessons but I don’t offer any discount for a block of one hour lessons.

Click here for full details of my lesson price structure

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