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Country Roads

Startling figures recently released by the Department for Transport outlined that 1,040 people were killed on country roads last year (2014) in addition to 9,051 being seriously injured. This means that, on average, 3 people died every day on country roads. Further statistics showed that a third of those deaths happened on a bend (an even more pertinent message, given the accident in France last week involving a lorry and a bus – colliding on a bend on a country road, killing 43 people).

To further put these figures into context, only 96 deaths occurred on a motorway in 2014 (with 616 deaths on urban roads).

Depending on where they live, most learners have very limited experience of driving on country roads in driving lessons and most people who pass their test do not take the Pass Plus course (which includes an hour of driving on country roads).  If you are learning to drive, ask your instructor for a lesson on country roads. If you have already passed your test and would like a lesson on country roads (to help you more fully understand the dangers and how to mitigate these risks), please complete the contact form or call me today on 0798 011 1234 (or send an SMS).

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