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Driving Lessons in an Automatic Car

I am not quite sure why but, at the moment, I am getting one or two enquiries every week requesting lessons in an automatic car, Given this, I wanted to stress that, I only have one driving school car to provide lessons and that car is a manual car.

The reason why there are very few driving instructors offering “automatic lessons” is that there is simply an insufficient demand for these type of lessons (reflecting the fact that the majority of qualified drivers have a licence to drive a manual car and that most cars on the road in the UK are manual cars). The few instructors who do provide lessons in an automatic car will charge a premium (and are often part time instructors) and instructors with a manual car are unlikely to go to the expense of having an additional automatic car simply to provide the occasional lesson in an automatic car.

So, if you are looking for lessons in an automatic car, I would suggest you contact the AA Driving School on 0800607080 to see if they can identify an AA Franchised Driving Instructor who provides driving lessons in an automatic car in your area.

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