AA Franchised Driving Instructor in NG2, NG7, NG8 and NG9
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Availability Update – June 2016

My availability for providing driving lessons changes from time to time (as my learners pass their test or their own availability for lessons changes), so I now publish my availability every three months. The next update will be at the beginning of September 2016.

Weekday Slots (9am-5pm) – Having taken on a few new learners in the last couple of weeks, my availability for lessons is currently quite limited during the day. However, four of my learners (who have daytime lessons) are due to take their test over the next four weeks so, depending on their success, I will have more slots becoming available soon. In addition, a couple of my learners are university students (who are leaving Nottingham for the summer) so I will have a couple of extra slots available (until the end of September).

Evening Slots (Starting at 6:30pm or 7pm) - I only provide regular evening lessons from the end of March to October (when the evenings are lighter). I currently have a regular evening slot available on Wednesdays (I already have regular sessions booked on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) but will only offer the Wednesday evening slot to someone who already has a fair amount of driving experience (i.e. someone who is likely to be close to test standard by the end of September). The Friday slot may soon become available too (depending on the person who has a Friday evening lesson passing his test in early July). Again, this slot will only be offered to someone with existing driving experience or to one of my current learners (who wants an extra session) so, if this slot appeals to you, please register your interest before the slot is taken.

Weekend Slots РAt the moment, all my Saturday slots are fully booked. Two of my learners, who have lessons at the weekend, are due to take their test in the first week of August so hope to have two slots becoming available then. However, I currently have one person on a waiting list (she has been happy to wait for a Saturday slot to become available) so, if you are interested in a Saturday slot, you may want to register your interest now. As I am currently working most evenings, I have decided not to work  regularly on Sundays until it becomes too dark to provide regular lessons in the evenings but I am prepared to be available on Sunday mornings (to offer a Taster Session, Assessment Session, Mock Test or additional lessons to my existing learners, to help them prepare for a test). In addition, I can be persuaded to be available for the occasional Sunday evening session but, again, would generally only offer this option to my existing learners, who want some extra practice.

If you are interested in booking driving lessons with me, please complete the contact form, call me on 0798 011 1234 or message me (via either SMS or WhatsApp).

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