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Pass Rates 2016

At the end of each year, I take the opportunity to reflect on the people I’ve supported during the previous twelve months by performing a review of all the tests taken during that year.

With no more tests booked for 2016, I’ve undertaken a review of all the practical driving tests taken by my learners in 2016. This review has revealed that 85% of learners, who took lessons with me during this year, passed their test. Of those people who passed, 80% were first time passes and 20% passed on their second attempt.

The latest publication from DVSA showed that, during July to September, the national average pass rate was 47% (51% for men and 44% for women). This figure closely mirrors the trend over a period of several years.  Further statistics released last year highlighted that only 21% of tests result in a first time pass (53% of tests were failed and 26% were passed by learners who were on at least their second attempt).

Although many driving instructors and driving schools claim to have good/high/excellent pass rates, very few publish any statistics to support such claims.  If a pass rate is an important factor to you, when choosing a driving instructor, ask them for more details and consider their response (especially if they seem uncertain, unaware or unwilling to give you any statistics). I should highlight that it is very difficult to compare pass rates with other driving instructors as there is no standard by which each driving instructor calculates their pass rates and there is no way of checking the accuracy of any figures provided anyway. It is also important to remember that the driving test is a test of a learner’s abilities displayed on the day of the test (including how they control their nerves during the test) and, therefore, does not necessarily demonstrate the quality of their driving instructor.

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