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Feedback from Clare after Pass Plus Course

There are many reasons why newly qualified drivers decide to take a Pass Plus course or refresher sessions. While it is often prompted by a gap in driving or following a move to a new city, there is usually an underlying desire to improve skills and confidence before venturing onto roads without anyone else in the car (often, after months of having the safety net of a driving instructor sitting next to them). Positive feedback after supporting someone is always nice but the feedback from Clare (below), after taking a Pass Plus course with me recently, is also a useful reminder that driving should be a fun activity and that gentle reassurance is often all that is needed to build confidence.  Thanks Clare, not just for the lovely feedback but for helping to make the course a rewarding and enjoyable experience for both of us.

After passing my test in a much smaller city and then moving to Nottingham, I never felt confident enough to tackle the fast paced, heavy traffic and multiple lanes that Nottingham offered. I had always considered doing a Pass Plus course, however never put these thoughts into action. That was until I stumbled upon an advert for Martin’s Pass Plus course on Facebook. After sending Martin a long email about my concerns with driving, I received a very reassuring and prompt reply. After meeting with Martin for the initial introduction and what to expect from a Pass Plus course, I instantly knew that Martin was the right instructor to boost my confidence. His relaxed and friendly nature meant driving became a fun leisure activity rather than anything to dread. Plus, on top of my new driving confidence, I have learnt many useful tips and tricks on how to enhance my driving ability and safety on the road. I highly recommend Martin’s Pass Plus course for anyone who, like me, was lacking in confidence and needed that extra reassurance. I would also recommend Martin to anyone looking to learn to drive as I believe that I would not have lacked driving confidence if I had learnt with Martin from the start. Thank you Martin for everything!

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