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Changes to Driving Test (From December 2017)

DVSA announced today that the new style driving test will be introduced from 4th December 2017 (after a few years of consultation and some trials last year). As most brand new learners take between 6-9 months to become ready to take a test, this means that any learner who started driving lessons from March 2017, as a total beginner, could be taking the new style test.

The main changes to the test are:-
1. “Independent” driving increased from 10 to 20 minutes
2. Use of satnav (provided by and set up by the examiner)
3. Two new reversing manoeuvres (with turn in road and reverse around the corner no longer tested)
4. A “show me” question being asked while driving.

Over the next week, I will chatting to all my existing learners about the implications of the new test for them and, unless a test has already been booked and is currently being prepared for, I am planning to introduce the new manoeuvres into my programme of training from this summer.

The Ford Fiesta that the AA Driving School supplies me does not come with a built in satnav and it appears that this is unlikely to change. Given this, I will be exploring the use of a satnav App on my phone during lessons over the next few months as an interim way of preparing learners for using a satnav until it is clearer which portable satnav examiners will be using on tests.

In the meantime, I have attached the article from DVSA which outlines the changes in more detail.


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