AA Franchised Driving Instructor in NG2, NG7, NG8 and NG9
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Same Car – New Look

Following my change in franchise agreement with AA Driving School, my car has got a new look! have a look at my Facebook Page.

Over the years, a number of my learners have seen an AA Driving School car pass them in the road and were often convinced it was me (when it wasn’t my car!). Now there can be no confusion!  Having taken off all the AA stickers from the car, the car now has a Roof L Box fitted with a decal fitted on each nearside door clearly identifying me as the instructor (rather than the car generically advertising the AA Driving School brand).

Aside of the look of the car, the car is the same. More importantly, I am still the instructor inside it!

As a result of this change, there are further exciting changes coming soon (satnav training, in-car camera and video training).

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