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Revised Show Me Tell Me Questions

Most learners should realise that the practical driving test is changing from 4th December and be aware that satnavs are being introduced into the test from this date, along with a change of manoeuvres. It is also worthwhile mentioning that the Show Me Tell Me part of the practical driving test is also changing from this date.

At the moment, two car safety questions are asked before you even start to drive on the test. One question requires you to demonstrate something (Show Me) and the other requires you to explain something to the examiner (Tell Me). The Tell Me questions are broadly staying the same and will continue to be asked at the beginning of the test. However, there is a pool of 7 brand new Show Me questions. You will be only asked one but it be will asked while you are driving, to simulate a real life experience of needing to do something (like turn on the headlights) when you are driving.

The new questions have already been published by DVSA and the Show Me Tell Me page on my website will be updated at the end of November (I have a couple of people taking tests in the next two weeks so don’t want to change that page now as it may confuse them!).

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