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Change of AA Driving School Franchise


Further to the article I posted on 20th May, I just wanted to let you know that I am now in the process of changing my franchise with AA Driving School. This is due to take effect from 29th June.  The following summarises the key points of the change:-

  1. All AA driving instructors are self employed and operate under a franchisee agreement with AA Driving School
  2. My new franchise with AA Driving School will allow me to operate more independently
  3. The main difference that you will notice is that the car would no longer be branded as AA Driving School (although it is still provided by AA Driving School, as part of my franchise agreement with them)
  4. I will continue to use the same car until its annual replacement (due at the end of August). The AA stickers will simply be removed from the car on 28th June and replaced with magnetic signs and/or a detachable Learner Roofboard (with my own name and business contact details on it)
  5. My prices and discounts would remain unchanged for at least 12 months
  6. From 29th June, learners taking lessons with me would no longer be bound by AA Driving School T&Cs and will simply be required to agree to my own terms of business (which are currently being reviewed, amended and enhanced to reflect these changes … and will be circulated next week)

If any of my current learners did prefer to continue learning in an AA Driving School branded car, they would be given the opportunity to transfer to another AA Franchised Driving Instructor (although this would be at standard AA lesson prices or lesson prices set by an allocated instructor).

Review of AA Franchise Options


This is just a brief note to advise all my current learners (as well as any potential new pupils) that I am in the process of reviewing my current AA Driving School Franchise.

Every AA driving instructor is self employed and operates under a franchisee agreement with AA Driving School, who currently offer four different franchise options. I am considering a different franchise agreement with AA Driving School from the one I have now. The main difference that you would notice from this franchise change would be that, although the driving school car would still be provided through my AA Driving School franchise contract, the car would no longer be branded as AA Driving School. In fact, until the annual replacement of the car, you would continue to drive the same car as you are driving now (it would just no longer have AA stickers on it but would either have magnetic signs or a detachable roof top L box fitted instead, with my own name and business contact details on it).  This change would enable me to continue to offer discounted prices on my standard rates (AA Driving School currently charge £28 per hour to pupils they allocate to me) and also avoid the need to increase prices for new pupils over the next 12 months.

The proposed change would also allow me the opportunity to install a dashcam in the car. Aside of the safety benefits of having a fitted dashcam, it can also be used for training purposes – both recording parts of your lessons and filming some demonstrations (of me driving) that could appear on my website for access by my learners only  e.g. a video of me driving around Bramcote Island from various directions may be useful for many learners taking a test at Chilwell.

If I go ahead with the change, my pupils would no longer be bound by AA Driving School Terms and Conditions (e.g. currently, by doing so, you automatically opt in to your personal data being used for marketing purposes across the AA Group and sign up to their cancellation policy) but, instead, simply agree to my own terms of business (where your data is not used by me for any marketing purposes and I have a more sensible, pragmatic approach to cancellations), which would be reviewed and amended to reflect the change. However, if any of my current pupils wish to continue learning in an AA Driving School branded car, they would be given the opportunity to transfer to another AA Franchised Driving Instructor.

I should stress that this decision has not been finalised (and is unlikely to happen before 25th June) but I wanted to share it with you now, in case you had any questions (which you can discuss with me when you see me in your next lesson).

New Saturday Slot Available – Wollaton

A new slot has become available for a driving lesson on Saturday morning from 8-9:30am.

Weekend driving lesson slots are premium slots so tend to get snapped up very quickly. However, early morning slots are not for everyone (this one starts at 8am) and, due to other commitments, I am currently only looking to offer this slot to learners in the NG8 1 sector or the NG9 3 Postcode sector parts of Wollaton/Bramcote Hills.

If you are interested, please complete the contact form, call me on 0798 011 1234 (or message me by text or WhatsApp) or send me a message from my Facebook Business Page so I can explore your requirements for driving lessons in more detail.

Changes to Driving Test (From December 2017)

DVSA announced today that the new style driving test will be introduced from 4th December 2017 (after a few years of consultation and some trials last year). As most brand new learners take between 6-9 months to become ready to take a test, this means that any learner who started driving lessons from March 2017, as a total beginner, could be taking the new style test.

The main changes to the test are:-
1. “Independent” driving increased from 10 to 20 minutes
2. Use of satnav (provided by and set up by the examiner)
3. Two new reversing manoeuvres (with turn in road and reverse around the corner no longer tested)
4. A “show me” question being asked while driving.

Over the next week, I will chatting to all my existing learners about the implications of the new test for them and, unless a test has already been booked and is currently being prepared for, I am planning to introduce the new manoeuvres into my programme of training from this summer.

The Ford Fiesta that the AA Driving School supplies me does not come with a built in satnav and it appears that this is unlikely to change. Given this, I will be exploring the use of a satnav App on my phone during lessons over the next few months as an interim way of preparing learners for using a satnav until it is clearer which portable satnav examiners will be using on tests.

In the meantime, I have attached the article from DVSA which outlines the changes in more detail.


Free Introductory Meeting and Taster Sessions

Please note that, from Monday 17th April (after Easter), the Free Introductory Meeting and Taster Session will be only offered to people who have ‘Liked’ my Facebook Business Page.  Liking my page also provides the following additional benefits:-

  1. Discounted price for a block of 10 lessons
  2. Free session to support preparation for the Theory Test
  3. 20% off Pass Plus Course with me (after you have passed your test, provided you had your driving lessons with me) or a free session in your own car
  4. Access to the password protected page of my website, containing my guides to driving and manoeuvres
  5. Free Driving in Dark Session (worth £26) if one of your Facebook friends likes my page and starts regular lessons with me
If you would like to arrange a free introductory meeting or Taster Session (without any obligation to arranging lessons), please message me after liking my Facebook page.
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