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Highway Code

The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone who uses the road (and this applies to pedestrians and cyclists as much as to learners and fully qualified drivers). Many of the rules are legal requirements (rules that state you ‘MUST/MUST NOT’ do something). Disobeying these rules is a criminal offence and can result in a fine, penalty points on your licence or disqualification from driving (and, in the most serious cases, a prison sentence). Failing to comply with other rules (rules using the advisory wording of ‘should/should not’ or ‘do/do not’) will not lead to prosecution but could be used in evidence in court cases to determine liability.

I have started to post a weekly reminder of some of the more important or lesser known rules on my Facebook Business Page, so if you visit my page and like it, it will help you build or refresh your knowledge (and may be helpful as part of your preparation for the Theory Test).

Driving Lessons with Martin – Extra Benefits

Just a reminder that learners who have regular lessons with me receive the following additional benefits if they like my Facebook page.

1. Discounts on PAYG prices (for blocks of 10 lessons)

2. Free in car session to support preparation for the Theory Test

3. Access to the password protected page of my website, containing my own guides to driving and manoeuvres

4. Free Driving in Dark Session (worth £26) if one of your Facebook friends likes my page and starts regular lessons with me

5. 20% off Pass Plus Course with me (after you have passed your test, provided you had your driving lessons with me) or a free session in your own car

To enjoy these benefits, please message me after liking my Facebook page. If you are looking to start lessons but not yet having lessons with me, I am happy to arrange a free introductory meeting (without any obligation) to discuss your requirements in more detail. Simply complete the contact form linked to this website, call me on 0798 011 1234 or message me by text, WhatsApp or from my Facebook Business Page.

Lessons for University of Nottingham Students

If you are starting you uni life at the University of Nottingham in September (or a returning student), and thinking about having driving lessons while you are in Nottingham, I am experienced in supporting university students (both complete beginners and learners who have started learning to drive in their home town).

The University of Nottingham is situated within the Chilwell Test Centre area (some of the test routes pass three of the university entrances) and I have significant experience of the tests routes used at that test centre. I am able to start lessons from campus (starting from your Halls of Residents car park) or from your student accommodation in Broadgate Park, Beeston, Dunkirk or Lenton.

I am currently offering a meet, greet and free first lesson to new students (subject to my availability) providing an interest is registered before the end of September 2017. This allows you to meet me and ensure that you are happy (with me and the car) before deciding on who you want to appoint as your driving instructor, without any obligation to purchasing further lessons.

If you are interested in registering an interest in driving lessons with me, in advance of arriving in Nottingham, please complete the contact form (although I would recommend that you browse my website and especially my services, testimonials and driving lesson prices before contacting me as well as reading a testimonial from a University of Nottingham student).  However, if it’s easier, please feel free to send a text message to 0798 011 1234 for more details.

New Car

As part of my contract with AA Driving School, I am provided with a brand new car every year and my new car arrived today (a black Ford Focus 1.0L Titanium).

Having had a Ford Fiesta as a driving school car for 6 years, I have decided to change to the Ford Focus in 2017. From the outside, many people can’t easily tell the difference between the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus (it is very similar in shape and only about 1 inch wider, although slightly longer). However, it is a nicer car to drive and feels a little more spacious inside (with a bit more distance between the passenger’s seat and the driver’s seat).  The Ford Focus also has a few additional features, compared to the Ford Fiesta (such as parking sensors) but, most importantly, it has an integrated satnav system (essential for learners, given that following directions from a satnav becomes part of the practical driving test from 4th December 2017).

Pass Plus Course – 20% Off

A reduction of 20% off the cost of the Pass Plus course is offered to anyone who passed their driving test (if they have liked my Facebook Page and had lessons with me). For a limited period, I am extending this offer to anyone in NG1-NG16 who passed their test in 2017 (providing that the course is completed by 31st July 2017) i.e. £144 instead of £180

Please contact me for details by either calling me on 0798 011 1234 or send me a message by text, WhatsApp or through my website contact form.

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