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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Test Pass at Clarendon Street

Well done Iwona on passing your test today at Clarendon Street, with just four minor faults.  I look forward to providing you with a motorway lesson or Pass Plus course, once you’ve bought a car.

Martin was recommended to me by one of my clients, after my disappointing experience learning with two other instructors. Not only did he manage to restore my confidence but also polished my driving skills effectively. I was impressed with his professional approach and consistent teaching. He was very generous with his time and extensive advice.  His calm and patient attitude truly helped me overcome one of the biggest challenges in my adult life. As an older and anxious student, I found his expertise and wisdom invaluable in guiding me through my steep learning curve. I’m very grateful and can’t praise him enough.  Iwona

Well Done Anuj

Congratulations Anuj on passing your test today at Clarendon Street (and I still find it amusing that you had to perform two additional turn in the roads because the examiner got lost and sent you down two dead end roads!). Passing first time is a testimony to your focus, determination and the amount of practice that you’ve put in between lessons.  Hopefully this will be the way that you approach your cricket career (and I look forward to seeing you playing for England in the future!).

….. and, once again, thank you very much for all your hard work – Anuj

Learning with the AA gave me so much confidence, not only with Martin during the lessons but also when I made the transition to driving by myself. Quality and professionalism comes as standard and I am thoroughly content with my choice to learn with the AA – Anuj

Another First Time Pass at Beeston Test Centre

Congratulations Ragu on passing your test, at your first attempt, at Beeston Test Centre today (with just three minor faults). Sitting in the back of the car, I was impressed with your driving (especially considering the weather conditions). Once you get your car, I’ll be happy to provide extra sessions (“Motorway Driving” and “Driving in the Dark”) that we talked about.

Thanks for all your excellent patience. Ragu

Mock Test Session (2 Hours) – £50

I offer a mock test service, designed to help learners as part of their preparation for a practical driving test. My mock test service is aimed specifically at learners who are not learning to drive with me i.e. they are taking lessons with another driving instructor or with a family member or friend. This mock test service provides a totally independent assessment of your driving standard (by a fully qualified driving instructor) and also provides for the opportunity of driving in test conditions (i.e. being examined by a total stranger, as is the case when driving in the presence of an examiner on the test, which can make you feel more nervous than usual).

The session incorporates an initial 10 minute discussion and then involves a 15 drive (approx), aimed at allowing you to become familiar with my car (as it is probably different to the car you’re used to driving) while driving to a suitable location to start the mock test.  The mock test involves a 40 minute drive (the amount of driving expected in a practical driving test) but would also aim to assess (not teach) all four test manoeuvres. The route depends largely on your location but would, ideally, be a typical route used at the test centre where you plan to take your test (from a selection of test routes that I’ve witnessed used by examiners at either Beeston, Colwick and Watnall test centres).  If this is not possible, I will plan to mimic the conditions and challenge of a typical test route. At the end of the mock test, I will spend some time with you to discuss my assessment and provide you with guidance on areas to work on (with your own instructor or family member) leading up to your test date.

Please note that having a mock test is a specific service and is arranged on the clear understanding that there is no expectation of using my car to take your test in, as I only allow my car to be used on a test by learners who have had lessons with me AND who I am satisfied have reached a standard that could pass a test.

Please also note that learners who have regular (at least weekly) lessons with me will have a tailored lesson plan, especially for the month leading up to the practical test, and will receive at least one mock test within their lesson plan and will also have a pre-test session to help reduce those last minute nerves and concerns (which are very natural)!

If you are interested in my independent Mock Test Session (or any other of my services), please either call me today on 0798 011 1234 or complete the contact form to book a session.

Driving Test Pass at Beeston Test Centre

Well done Yuliya on passing your test at Beeston Test Centre today on your first attempt. It has been lovely to see you blossom from a complete beginner to an accomplished driver this year. Congratulations and I look forward to providing the Pass Plus course for you later this year, once you’ve bought your car!

Just wanted to thank you again for all your patience and professionalism from day one of my complete beginner lessons to the last learner drive. I would definitely say that a good instructor is the key.  You have always provided excellent explanations and tips in an enjoyable and friendly environment, and planned lessons the best way to enhance my learning process. Your honesty, regular feedback and tracking my progress was much appreciated too. I have recommended you to my relatives and friends, as I am certain you will provide them with the same enjoyable and first class tuition. Yuliya