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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Driving Test Results

Having performed a review of the results of driving tests taken by my pupils in 2013, I thought I would share the top 5 reasons for not passing a test.

1. Failing to move off safely (not checking blind spots or failing to signal correctly)

2. Not paying attention to road signs, pedestrians crossing the road or traffic lights (including not proceeding when a green filter light appears)

3. Not using mirrors appropriately (before a change in speed or direction)

4. Lane discipline at roundabouts or failing to perform MSM, when changing lanes

5. Control or observations during one of the manoeuvres

Obviously each individual learner has their own individual needs and areas of driving that require development but I use my experience of these common reasons to help focus the preparation for the driving test.

Pass Rates 2013

Occasionally, I get asked about pass rates although, interestingly, I’ve never been asked this question by someone learning to drive!

In performing a review of 2013,  83% of pupils who learned to drive with me and took their test during the year, passed. Of those, 66% passed first time and 28% passed on their second attempt. During the period of October to December 2013, I had 12 pupils take a test (with 10 of them resulting in a pass).

I should qualify this by saying that there is no standard by which each driving instructor calculates their pass rates and there is no way of checking the accuracy of any figures published. In addition, some driving instructors may not include all their learners in their results (e.g. not counting learners who had a previous instructor). For this reason alone, it is very difficult to compare pass rates with other driving instructors. In addition, ultimately, the driving test is a test of the learner’s abilities displayed on the day of the test and, therefore, not necessarily the quality of their driving instructor  e.g. some of the best learner drivers can be badly affected by nerves and make an uncharacteristic  mistake on the day of their test (a mistake that they might not normally make in any of their driving lessons).

In saying that, I find it useful to reflect on test results (not just as a log of results but to analyse any common reasons for not passing a test, to help future pupils) and the end of the year is always a good time for reflection.

The national average pass rate (published by the DSA) is 49% for men and 43% for women (the pass rate in Nottingham is lower than the national average with a pass rate of up to 47% for men and 38% for women).

Driving Test Success – Well Done Sam

Congratulations Sam on passing your test at Beeston today, with just two minor faults.  Sitting in the back, it was good to witness a composed and controlled drive, and clearly the examiner felt the same way. Although it was your second attempt, the fact that you’ve had so few minor errors over the course of the two tests should hopefully give you the confidence to realise that you are a good driver.  Have a great Christmas and continue to drive safely!

Driving Lesson Prices 2014

Just a brief note to mention that prices for my driving lessons will be held at my current 2013 prices until 28th February 2014.

I am currently reviewing my pricing structure, planning to implement changes from 1st March 2014. However, the cost of lessons for my current pupils (and any new pupils who commence lessons before the end of February 2014) will remain at 2013 prices for the duration of 2014.

Driving Lessons – Gift Vouchers

Are you thinking of purchasing driving lessons as a gift for someone?  If you are, you might want to consider one of my  Taster Sessions (an introductory driving lesson for a new learner driver) as a gift (e.g. for their birthday or as a Christmas present). The Taster Session allows the learner the opportunity to meet me and have a first session before committing to a plan of future lessons. I would normally suggest that a Taster Session takes place on a Sunday or public holiday (as it is easier to find a suitable road for the first session) but this is not essential.

The Taster Session Gift Voucher can be purchased in two formats:-

1. A personalised gift voucher issued, by email, as either an e-voucher (in pdf format), costing £25

2. A personalised gift voucher (laminated) and sent by post in a gift box along with a copy of the Highway Code and the AA booklet, “Learn the AA Way”, costing £30

Taster Sessions are subject to my availability and the location of the learner so, if you are thinking of purchasing a gift of  driving lessons, please contact me to discuss your plans in more detail.

Alternatively, if you want to top up the account of a learner who is already learning to drive with me, you can arrange to purchase a gift of lessons to suit your budget.