AA Franchised Driving Instructor in NG2, NG7, NG8 and NG9
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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Special Offer – £10 First Driving Lesson (April 2014)

During April 2014, I will be offering two Taster Sessions (an initial driving lesson) at a special price of £10 (usually priced at £25) to eligible learners in Nottingham at selected times on selected days.

The first available session is on Sunday 6th April from 1 to 3pm and the second session will be on Sunday 13th April (1 to 3pm).

Eligibility Criteria for Reduced Price Sessions

  1. Must be a learner with no previous driving experience (driving lessons)
  2. Must live in one of the following Postcodes (NG7 (Lenton part only), NG8 or NG9)
  3. Must be in possession of a valid provisional driving licence (both the photocard and the paper counterpart)
  4. Must be able to read a car registration plate at a distance of 20 metres (using prescription glasses or contact lenses, if required)
  5. Must be available for the Taster Session on either 6th April or 13th April (at the times advertised)
  6. Must be planning to commence a course of weekly driving lessons i.e. this offer is not open to people looking for intensive or semi intensive courses (also see note 2 of the terms and conditions)

To be considered for these reduced price Taster Session, you must register an interest by completing the contact form on this website, entering the following information (relating to the learner) in the “Message” field:-

  1. Name (as well as your name, if registering an interest on behalf of a learner)
  2. Address (Postcode)
  3. Date of birth
  4. Confirmation that all eligibility criteria (detailed above) have been met
  5. Confirmation that terms and conditions (see below) have been read
  6. Details of your availability for subsequent lessons (days/times of the week). See Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To express an interest in the reduced price Taster Session, you must provide your full name, current address and date of birth. Those details will only be used if you accept an offer of a Taster Session (and are required to register you with the AA, to ensure that you are insured to drive the car on the Taster Session, and stored on the AA’s databases). You will also be expected to provide a contact phone number, used only to allow me to make contact in respect of driving lesson arrangements.
  2. Whilst there is an expectation that learners wanting a Taster Session will be at the stage of planning to commence a course of weekly driving lessons, there is absolutely no requirement to purchase any additional lessons following the free Taster Session. If you should choose not to pursue further lessons, you will not be contacted by myself again (providing that you have indicated that you do not wish to continue lessons).
  3. Although there is NO requirement to purchase any additional lessons, it will be mutually beneficial to ensure that I have the availability in my diary to offer subsequent lessons. Therefore, priority in offering a free Taster Session will be given to those people whose availability for future lessons matches my availability for providing lessons.
  4. This offer is discretionary and may be withdrawn or amended at any time, without notice.
  5. If you are not successful in obtaining a free Taster Session for either of the dates advertised, you may be offered an alternative date or an alternative offer. Please note that any subsequent offers will be entirely at my discretion and subject to my availability.

Thank You So Much – Refresher Sessions

Occasionally I get asked by qualified drivers for refresher sessions. Sometimes this is to develop confidence after having an accident but, more commonly, its due to not having driven for a while (especially by newly qualified drivers who do not have the opportunity to drive for a while, after passing their test). I find refresher sessions particularly rewarding and very fulfilling to receive such kind words as in the example below

I don’t think I would have had the courage to get back in a car but, from talking to you the very first time, you made me believe that I can do it.  So, once again, thank you very very much. Mrs Kaur

Dear Martin

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help and support in helping me get back in to driving.

Best Wishes – Mrs Kaur

Megan has passed her Driving Test!

Although you were a very competent driver before you even started your lessons with me, it was my pleasure to support you in preparation for a successful outcome today at Beeston Test Centre.  The superb drive today during your test is evidenced by a convincing pass, with just one (very) minor fault. Well done Megan!

Just wanted to say thank you very much for my lessons and words of wisdom! Megan