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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Preparing for a Driving Test in Nottingham

Since the end of March 2014, several of my learners have taken their practical driving tests at one of the Nottingham test centres (using Beeston, Clarendon Street or Colwick). In fact, during that time, nine out of ten of those tests have resulted in a pass. Those tests include one faultless performance (no errors at all, achieved by less than 1% of drivers), one with a single minor fault and a couple with just two minor faults.  I am both very pleased for all my successful learners and particularly proud of this current run of results (a 90% pass rate!).

I believe that these results highlight the importance of preparation for a driving test. My method to support learners prepare for their test is not unique but follows a simple approach, as set out below:-

1. Maintaining a driver record for each learner, discussing progress at each lesson

2. Having a mock test BEFORE booking a test (to assess readiness)

3. Ensuring regular lessons are maintained between booking a test date and taking the test

4. Practising all manoeuvres on each lesson in the month leading up to the test

5. Performing at least one further mock test prior to the actual test

6. Making myself available for extra lessons

7. Proving a handout of tips and reminders, to help focus on the most important areas

8. Thoroughly covering the Show Me/Tell Me questions and answers before the test

9. Having a driving lesson the day before the test (preferably in the evening)

10. Using the hour lesson before the test to help final preparations

It is important to remember that preparing for your test is down to both the learner and the instructor and that, while good preparation doesn’t guarantee passing your test, it will dramatically increase your chances (in the same way that poor preparation doesn’t guarantee that you wont pass your test but the chances are slim).

If you are interested in any of my services, please complete the contact form or call me today on 0798 011 1234 (or send an SMS).

Intensive Driving Lessons in Nottingham

With the onset of longer summer days (lighter mornings and evenings), it’s a good time to consider learning to drive and, for some people, the idea of taking a course of intensive driving lessons is quite appealing.  The amount lessons required for a brand new learner to reach test standard is around 50 hours but, by having 2 or 3 two hour lessons a week, it can be far quicker to reach test standard. In addition, often fewer lessons are required as avoiding large gaps between lessons (by having 2 or 3 lessons a week) will help you keep the momentum of learning, especially for people who don’t have the opportunity to practice between lessons.

As I have had 9 people pass their test in the last 6 weeks and have a further 4 people due to take their test by the end of June, I currently have availability for new learners who wish to start driving lessons but will probably only have space for a course of intensive lessons for one or two new learners. So, if you are interested, have a look at a fuller article on intensive lessons or details of all my services and then please complete the contact form or call me today on 0798 011 1234 (or send me an SMS).

Natasha Passes at Clarendon Street Test Centre

Congratulations Natasha on passing your test today at Clarendon Street Test Centre, with just two minor faults (a great achievement).  It really was a pleasure to have supported you over the last few months and watch you progress from a complete beginner. I wish you well as you look to return to London and for many safe and happy years of driving.

Thanks Martin. You were a great instructor! – Natasha

Hannah Passes at Beeston Test Centre

Well done Hannah on passing your test today at Beeston Test Centre.  Passing your test on your first attempt with just one minor fault is an amazing feat and even more of an achievement given that you went on one of the trickier routes (that include Crown Island). I’ve enjoyed teaching you from being a complete beginner and witnessing you develop your skills and confidence every Saturday morning. I look forward to providing you with extra sessions or a Pass Plus course when you get a car later in the summer.

I found the lessons very well paced and Martin was very good at quickly identifying points for improvement, and planning lessons accordingly. His approach has really helped to build my confidence, and the opportunity to have lessons outside of the regular slot (evenings and busier times) was really good. Thank you! – Hannah

Harry Passes at Colwick Test Centre

Well done Harry on passing your test today at Colwick.  From what the examiner said, it sounds like you had a good drive and were able to demonstrate the confident driving that you’ve developed over recent months. Many congratulations.

Just to say thank you so much for teaching Harry to drive, and getting him through his test. Much appreciated. (Harry’s mum)