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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Eva Passes Her Driving Test at Beeston

Congratulations Eva on successfully passing your driving test at Beeston Test Centre today.  It was a pleasure to have been involved in developing your driving skills and, as your driving has got better and better over the last few weeks,  I am so pleased that you were able to show the examiner how well you can drive.  Sitting in the back of the car, it was a very comfortable drive and pleasing to see how well you coped with your nerves.  Well done again!

I would never think I’ll pass my test in such a short period of time. I would really like to say a BIG thank you to Martin for all the encouragement and support throughout. You really calmed me down a lot and changed my life. Thank you x – Eva

Driving Lessons for Nottingham University Students

Are you coming to one of the Nottingham universities this year (University of Nottingham or Nottingham Trent University)?

Whether you are a fresher or simply returning to university after a summer break, are you planning to have driving lessons while you are in Nottingham?

If the answer to both these questions is yes and you are still currently looking for a fully qualified driving instructor, then you may want to consider the following factors while choosing your instructor.

1. I am experienced in teaching students in Nottingham (both students who are new to Nottingham and are complete beginners as well as partly trained learners, who have had lessons in their home town and want to carry on having lessons while at university).

2. I have significant experience of the Beeston test centre area (and tests routes) for students at the University of Nottingham as well as Clarendon Street test centre and Colwick test centre (for students at the Nottingham Trent University). Update: Please note that Clarendon Street Test Centre closed on 29th August 2014.

3. I have a very high pass rate. At the time of this post, 16 out of the last 18 tests (since March 2014) have resulted in a pass.

4. I am an AA Franchised Driving Instructor.  Fully qualified and using an AA Driving School car, I offer a local service yet with the reputation of a trusted national brand.

5. For a limited period only, I am offering a meet, greet and provide a free first lesson to new students (providing this is booked before 27th September), without obligation to purchasing further lessons. This allows you to meet me and ensure that you are happy (with me and the car) before deciding on who you want to appoint as your driving instructor.  The offer is subject to my availability but, to take advantage of this offer, please complete the contact form, stating “STUDENT OFFER”  in the subject field of the form.  Update: Please note that the offer for the free first lesson has now ended.  However, depending on my availability, this offer may be extended or an alternative starter session offered.

Before contacting me, please do browse through my website, review my services and, particularly, do read testimonials left by some of those who have learned to drive with and the structure of my driving lesson prices.

Clarendon Street Test Centre Closing

The DVSA have announced that the Clarendon Street Test Centre (situated in one of Nottingham Trent University’s city centre sites) will close on 29 August 2014.

Unlike many driving instructors, I quite liked the test centre at Clarendon Street. Apart from the  awkward location of the car park (often learners had to navigate around groups of students who walked through the car park; not a pleasant way for a learner to commence their test!), I felt that the test routes gave a more realistic test of everyday driving and also offered a perfect venue for Nottingham Trent University students (who will now have to choose Colwick or Beeston as their nearest test centre).