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Monthly Archives: March 2015

First Time Pass for Maddy at Beeston

Well done Maddy on passing your driving test today, at Beeston, on your first attempt. It was great to sit in the back of the car and witness a very comfortable and confident drive (and also to see your reaction on hearing the news that you’d passed!). Given that you moved away from Nottingham midway through your driving lessons,  I am flattered that you chose to commute to Nottingham in order to continue having regular driving lessons with me (rather than appointing a new driving instructor in your new home area).  Having been a complete beginner while studying in Nottingham, I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of your life at such a key time (through your final year at university until your graduation and your first job after Uni life).  I will miss your lessons but look forward to seeing you soon for a Pass Plus course.

Thank you Martin for all the support you’ve given me through my driving lessons. I wasn’t the most confident of starters but you’ve built my confidence, my skills, my awareness, but most of all my enjoyment of driving. I’ve learnt a lot while driving with you, and it’s been an absolute delight to be able to stay with you even when I moved from Nottingham to Leicester – it was definitely the right choice, I wouldn’t have wanted to learn with another instructor. It’s been a tough final year at uni and beyond, but I’ve always looked forward to my lessons and I’ll be sorry to have to end them. You are calm, understanding and so considerate in your approach to teaching. Thank you for everything and I am looking forward to my pass plus lessons in the future!! Maddy x

Najma Passes at Beeston Test Centre

Congratulations Najma on passing your driving test today at Beeston Test Centre with only 2 minor driving faults!  While you only had a few lessons with me, to help you prepare for your test, I’m pleased that I was able to support you to a successful outcome. For the second month running, one of my learners passed their test on Friday 13th!