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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Coral Passes Driving Test (First Time) at Beeston

Well done Coral on passing your driving test at Beeston Test Centre today (at your first attempt with just one minor fault). Having taught you from being a complete beginner, your driving has just got better and better with each lesson and the regular driving with your mum (on an almost daily basis) shows how beneficial it is to practice driving between lessons. Congratulations Coral. You deserved it!

Colwick Test Centre

The test centre at Colwick is the oldest of the current test centres in Nottingham (it was located there following the closure of the test centres at West Bridgford and Gedling). It is generally used by people who live on the east and south sides of Nottingham.

The test centre is located in a purpose built site off an industrial road (used by several lorries, resulting in a severely pot-holed road). The test centre car park is front of the test centre with most bays to the right (slightly up hill) although there are a few bays to the left as well. The waiting room is quite large and has two toilets available for use by learners and instructors. Care needs to be taken in leaving and returning to the test centre (as the exit road, where the gates are located, is narrow and bendy). Joining the main road (T-Junction), all tests will go left and leads to a new roundabout (built in 2016), which currently has just three exits.  Tests from Colwick covers a wide area from West Bridgford, The Meadows, the Lacemarket and Broadmarsh parts of the city, Sneinton, Carlton, Mapperley Plains, Gedling, Netherfield, Stoke Bardolph and up to Burton Joyce, Lowdham and Lambley.  The trickiest roundabouts are the three along the Colwick Loop Road and the “BBC roundabout”.

If you are not familiar with the Colwick Test Centre area and have a test booked there, you might want to consider booking a lesson or two with me to have a drive around some of the test area. As Colwick, like most test centres, has about 20 different test routes, it would be impossible to get to travel each route in one or two sessions but I can show you some of the test area and several key junctions in one or two sessions (2 hour sessions being recommended) so that you have a better understanding of the area before the day of your test.

Please be aware that I do not provide my car for use at a test for people who have already booked a test but if you are interested in this or any of my other services, or just want to discuss your plans, please complete the contact form, call me today on 0798 011 1234 (message me by text or through WhatsApp) or send me a message from my Facebook Business Page.

First Time Pass for Rosie at Beeston Test Centre

I can’t think of a better way to finish your first year at uni than passing your driving test, on your first attempt with just one minor fault.  I am so pleased for your Rosie and you should be very proud of yourself.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed providing lessons for you over the past few months (it was a joy to teach you and get to know you) and seeing you blossom as a driver since January. Have a great summer and (if you get a car soon) spend time over the holidays building up your driving experience!

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Lessons were always productive, enjoyable and laid back- even when I was not the most relaxed of drivers. I always looked forward to our lessons and will genuinely miss them and our insightful conversations that resulted from you being so easy to get along with. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience over the past six months, it’s been an absolute pleasure and couldn’t have done it without you!! – Rosie

Driving Licence – Paper Counterpart No Longer Valid

From 8 June 2015, the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence will not be valid and will no longer be issued by DVLA. If you already hold a paper counterpart, it will no longer have any legal status after this date. You should destroy your paper counterpart but you still need to keep your current photocard driving licence (paper driving licences issued before the photocard was introduced in 1998 will remain valid and should not be destroyed).

The paper counterpart was introduced to display driving licence details that could not be included on the photocard. These details include some vehicle categories you are entitled to drive and any endorsement/penalty points. From 8 June 2015, any new penalty points (endorsements) will only be recorded electronically, and will not be printed or written on either photocard licences or paper driving licences. This means that, from 8 June 2015, neither the photocard driving licence nor the paper licence will provide an accurate account of any driving endorsements you may have. This information will be held on DVLA’s driver record but can be viewed online (as well as by phone or by post) using DVLA’s free “View Driving Licence” service and it allows you to view the details are on your licence (including what vehicles you can drive and any penalty points you may have).

For any pupil taking lessons with me after 8th June, a pre-lesson check will be required (in addition to producing the photocard driving licence on the day of your first lesson), which can be done online by accessing the DVLA’s free Share Driving Licence service.  You can generate a ‘check code’ to pass to me so that I can view your driving licence details.

Cost of Weekend Driving Tests

With the increasing waiting list for practical driving tests during the summer months (it can increase from a 4 week waiting list to 10-12 weeks during the summer), the DVSA occasionally provide extra test slots on a Saturday and, sometimes, even Sunday.

Booking a test at the weekend needs to be agreed with me first, as my weekend diary is usually fully booked and will require me to liaise with the learner(s) whose regular slots would be affected. Unfortunately, the timing of tests means that two driving lesson slots are often affected by one test and many learners who have lessons at the weekend are unable to have lessons at other times.

As a result of the inconvenience of tests at the weekend, if it is possible to accommodate a test, I will charge the full hourly rate (£25 per hour), and any normal discounted price (from a block booking) will not apply. This is in line with the fact that DVSA charge extra for a test at the weekend (£75 instead of £62 for a test during the week). However, please note that I do not charge extra for people having a test at the weekend, if they usually have weekend lessons, but would aim to have the test within the timeslot of their usual lesson.