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Monthly Archives: January 2016

New Driving School Car for 2016

My AA Driving School car is exchanged for a new car once a year, meaning that your lessons will always be in a car that is no more than a year old.

My car continues to be a Ford Fiesta 1.0L Ecoboost (Titanium model) and is now dark grey in colour (my old white one looked beautiful but was awful to keep clean!).

If you are interested in taking lessons (or looking for any of my other services) in a new Ford Fiesta, please complete the contact form or call me today on 0798 011 1234 (or send an SMS).

First Time Pass for Morenike at Beeston Test Centre

Many congratulations Morenike on successfully passing your driving test today at Beeston Test Centre. I’ll miss your lessons but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing you blossom from a complete beginner to an accomplished and confident driver. Good luck in your final year at Uni and with your job hunting later in the year.

Hi Martin. Thank you for your patience, support and guidance over the past few months. I am so happy to have passed my test first time! I am lucky to have picked a driving instructor who truly cares about the progression of his learners and would highly recommend you as a driving instructor to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks again, Morenike

Driving Lessons in an Automatic Car

I am not quite sure why but, at the moment, I am getting one or two enquiries every week requesting lessons in an automatic car, Given this, I wanted to stress that, I only have one driving school car to provide lessons and that car is a manual car.

The reason why there are very few driving instructors offering “automatic lessons” is that there is simply an insufficient demand for these type of lessons (reflecting the fact that the majority of qualified drivers have a licence to drive a manual car and that most cars on the road in the UK are manual cars). The few instructors who do provide lessons in an automatic car will charge a premium (and are often part time instructors) and instructors with a manual car are unlikely to go to the expense of having an additional automatic car simply to provide the occasional lesson in an automatic car.

So, if you are looking for lessons in an automatic car, I would suggest you contact the AA Driving School on 0800607080 to see if they can identify an AA Franchised Driving Instructor who provides driving lessons in an automatic car in your area.

Pass Plus for Charlotte

Charlotte was the latest person to take the Pass Plus course with me. Having only passed her test in November, she not only used the Pass Plus course as a way to help enhance her existing driving skills (which were already very good) and gain some experience of motorway driving (before starting to drive unaccompanied) but also as a way to reduce the insurance premium.

Thank you Martin. So glad that I did the course with you. Felt you gave me a lot of feedback and great tips. I really enjoyed my time developing my driving with you. Thanks again.

Driving Test Success for Holly at Beeston

Well done Holly!!  What a great way to start an important day for you by passing your driving test just minutes before getting on a train to head off to London, in order to attend a university interview. It will certainly be a good talking point for your interview and a way of demonstrating your commitment to learning, achieving and managing your time.  Hopefully it’s a good omen for a successful interview. On a wider note, it has been a pleasure to have supported you over the months and to have witnessed you develop as a competent, considerate and increasingly confident driver.