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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Talitha Passes First Time at Beeston

Congratulations Talitha on passing your driving test at your first attempt today (at Beeston Test Centre). Passing first time demonstrates how much progress you have made in a relatively short time from being a total beginner only a few months ago in an unfamiliar city. It rewards not just your driving capability but the effort you have put into to learning to drive. Well done again and I hope you have similar success in your uni exams!

Martin has been an amazing instructor who always supported me and kept encouraging me at all times. Despite the limited time I had, he ensured that I was thoroughly prepared for the test and I’m happy to say that I managed to pass first time! Thank you Martin :)

Availability Update – March 2016

My availability for providing driving lessons varies from time to time (as my learners pass their test or their own availability for lessons changes) but I’ve detailed below my current availability (as of 11th March 2016).

Weekday Slots - With a couple of learners recently passing their test, several learners due to take their test in the coming weeks and some learners reducing the number of weekly lessons they have, I do currently have a few slots available during the daytime (9-5) of most days of the week.

Evening Slots - I provide regular evening lessons from the end of March to September (when the evenings become lighter). Evening lessons start at 6.30pm or 7pm. I have already taken pre-bookings for lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so currently only have slots available on Monday and Friday evenings.

Weekend Slots – At the moment, all my weekend slots are fully booked and I already have two people waiting for a weekend slot to become free. I do always keep one Sunday slot free to enable me to offer a Taster Session, Assessment Session, Mock Test or additional lessons to my existing learners (to help prepare for a test).

If you are interested in booking driving lessons with me, please complete the contact form, call me on 0798 011 1234 or message me (via SMS or WhatsApp).