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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Watnall Test Centre

The Watnall Driving Test Centre became a full time test centre in 2014 (it was also used as a temporary test centre in 2013) and provides a far more convenient venue for people living in parts of NG5, NG6, NG8 and NG16 to take their practical test (especially now that the test centre at Beeston has been relocated to Chilwell).

Since 2013 , I have taken several people to test at Watnall and have developed a knowledge of the test area over the years. The area around Watnall has a more rural feel to it than the other Nottingham based test centres. The test centre has recently relocated its car parking spaces and now has 18 bays (8 on the left and 10 on the right), but all the bays are on the narrow side (e.g. at Chilwell most bays are at least 10% wider than at Watnall). The waiting room is a small room, in a small building across from the car park (with access to toilets). Leaving the test centre, you can either turn left (towards Kimberley, Nuthall, including Nuthall roundabout) or right (towards Hucknall or Eastwood). The test routes I have experienced from Watnall mainly involved driving to Hucknall, Eastwood, Bulwell, Strelley and the outskirts of Wollaton and included the areas of Kimberley and Nuthall, involving the Nuthall Roundabout. This roundabout looks very complex but is traffic light controlled from all but one direction and is remarkably easy to travel around with a bit of practice (providing you understand the lane disciplines required from each direction) and is far easier that some of the roundabouts experienced on some of the routes from the test centre at Beeston (now Chilwell).

If you are not familiar with the Watnall Test Centre area and have a test booked there, you might want to consider booking a lesson or two with me to have a drive around some of the test area. As Watnall, like most test centres, has about 20 different test routes, it would be impossible to get to travel each route in one or two sessions but I can show you some of the test area and several key junctions in one or two sessions (2 hour sessions being recommended) so that you have a better understanding of the area before the day of your test.

Please be aware that I do not provide my car for use at a test for people who have already booked a test but if you are interested in this or any of my other services, or just want to discuss your plans, please complete the contact form, call me today on 0798 011 1234 (message me by text or through WhatsApp) or send me a message from my Facebook Business Page.

Free Meet/Greet/First Lesson for Uni Students

If you are coming to one of the two universities in Nottingham (University of Nottingham or Nottingham Trent University) in September 2016 (either as a new or a returning student), you may be thinking of starting driving lessons while you are in Nottingham.

I am an experienced, fully qualified, self employed driving instructor, operating as an AA Franchised Driving Instructor. As an AA Franchised Driving Instructor, using an AA Driving School car, I offer a personal and local service alongside the reputation of a trusted national brand.

I have taught several university students (both complete beginners and partly trained learners) in recent years – with 19 out of the last 23 students passing their test on their first attempt (after taking lessons with me). I am able to start lessons from your accommodation (or close to your accommodation, if you are at the city site of Nottingham Trent University) or from main campus or Jubilee campus (at University of Nottingham) and will aim to accommodate lessons around your uni schedule.

For students studying at University of Nottingham, I would either use the test centre located in Clifton (at the Nottingham Trent University Clifton campus) or the new test centre located at Chilwell (depending on your location).

For students studying at the city site of Nottingham Trent University, I would probably use Colwick Test Centre. While the city location of the Nottingham Trent University is no longer situated within a test centre area, some of the Colwick Test Centre routes are close to some of the accommodation sites (around the Lace Market part of Nottingham, Hockley and Fletcher Gate). For students studying at the Clifton site of Nottingham Trent University, I would use the test centre based at that site.

I am currently offering a meet, greet and free first (Cockpit & Controls) lesson to freshers or returning students (who haven’t started lessons yet), depending on your location and availability and subject to my availability, who are looking for weekday, daytime lessons (finishing before 4pm).  This allows you to meet me when you arrive in Nottingham (without any obligation to purchasing further lessons) and ensure that you are happy (with me and the car) before making any firm decision on who you want to appoint as your driving instructor.

If you are a new or returning student who has already had some driving lessons but wish to continue with your driving lessons while in Nottingham, I am happy to meet you to discuss your plans and options in more detail.

If you are interested in registering an interest in this offer, please contact me before 30th September (but please note that there are limited places available, so this offer may be withdrawn at an earlier time). You can contact me using the contact form on this website or, if it’s easier, please feel free to send a message to me (text or WhatsApp) using my work mobile, 0798 011 1234 (although I would recommend that you browse my website and especially my services, testimonials and driving lesson prices before contacting me).

Stan Passes Test at New Test Centre (Chilwell)

Congratulations Stan on passing your test at Chilwell today, taking your test on the first morning at the new test centre. It was great to witness you driving so well, from sitting in the back of the car, and the way you dealt with the challenge of parking in a very busy car park is a testimony to how well you cope under pressure. Well done and enjoy your driving!

It’s a family tradition now, first my partner then myself studied with Martin, both first time pass :) Martin is very professional, patient and friendly, prepares you not just for the exam but how you should drive in everyday life. Great experience, very positive emotions, thank you again Martin!