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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Sam Passes First Time at Clifton

Congratulations Sam on passing your test at Clifton Test Centre today. Although I have not known you for long, it has been a pleasure to have helped you prepare for your test over the last couple of months and for it to result in a first time pass.

Napat Passes at Watnall

Well done Napat on passing your test at Watnall today. Although I have not known you for long, it’s been great to see your driving skills develop in such a short time and glad that I was able to help you pass your test this time.

After previously having lessons with other instructors, I failed two times. I lost my confidence and thought driving wasn’t for me. Martin, you are the best instructor (patience and attention to detail), I would not have passed without your help. Thank you Martin for everything, including helping me to believe in myself again.

Closure of Clifton Test Centre

The DVSA have announced today that the test centre at Clifton will close on 25th January 2017.  The test centre at Clifton is based within the site of Nottingham Trent University and was originally opened on a trial basis (back in 2013) along with a site on Clarendon Street (also in the grounds of Nottingham Trent University). The centre at Clarendon Street closed down after the trial period but the DVSA have given no reason for the closure of the test centre at Clifton.

Clifton Test Centre only provided tests on Monday and Wednesday and used existing examiners from other Nottingham test centres, so this should simply mean that there will be more tests available at those other centres. However, it does also mean that learners living in NG2, NG7, NG11 and NG12 (for whom Clifton was a convenient option) will have to travel further (for both their lessons and their test).

Opening of Chilwell Test Centre

Just to confirm that the new permanent test centre at Chilwell opens today from their new premises at Unit 24, Eldon Business Park on Eldon Road. This is just one traffic light junction away from the temporary location at the Village Hotel and completes the move of test centre, following the closure of Beeston Test Centre.

There appears to be eight bays to park in at the new centre. Five bays are all positioned on the right hand side as you arrive at the location. Interestingly, the bays are not uniformly sized … there are two standard sized bays, one slightly wider than usual, one slightly narrower and one that is particularly narrow (although the narrowest one is actually the same size as all of the bays at Watnall test centre)! There are two other bays, which are perpendicular to the other five bays and allows for parking on the left (but not a good option for people who use the “Three Line” method of bay parking) and then one single bay (between other bays reserved for other premises – not easy to spot!). The two bays on their own are also contained by a kerb, which means that parking needs to be very accurate as there is very small room for error.  As there are usually 3, 4 or even 5 other learners arriving at the test centre to take tests at the same time (often at the same time as learners returning to the car park at the end of their test), I am sure that the car park will be quite congested at times.

The waiting room (with plenty of chairs) is on the ground floor of the building opposite the parking bays. There is no access to refreshments in the building and only one toilet for use by learners/instructors (which is strange, given that instructors are not allowed to bring their learners to the test centre more than 10 minutes before the test time and that there could be up to 5 learners and their instructors in the waiting room at the same time!).

Leaving the test centre car park leads you back to a traffic light controlled crossroads. You need to be careful approaching this as the STOP line is faded and there are no markings in the middle to indicate where to wait (if turning right with oncoming traffic), so it is useful to view this junction before your test. From those traffic lights, test routes can go in several directions (towards Long Eaton, Toton, Stapleford and Sandiacre or towards Attenborough, Beeston, Bramcote and Wollaton).

The test area from Chilwell includes several multiple lane roundabouts (notably Bramcote Island and Bardills Roundabout) as well as several quirky roads/junctions (including roads that are shared with tram lines and traffic lights with left filter arrows). If you are not familiar with the Chilwell Test Centre area and have a test booked there, you might want to consider booking a lesson or two with me to have a drive around some of the test area. Like most test centres, Chilwell has about 20 different test routes so it would be impossible to get to travel each route in one or two sessions but I can show you some of the test area and several key junctions in one or two sessions (2 hour sessions being recommended) so that you have a better understanding of the area before the day of your test.

Please be aware that I do not provide my car for use at a test for people who have already booked a test but if you are interested in this or any of my other services, or just want to discuss your plans, please complete the contact form, call me today on 0798 011 1234 (message me by text or through WhatsApp) or send me a message from my Facebook Business Page.