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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Same Car – New Look

Following my change in franchise agreement with AA Driving School, my car has got a new look! have a look at my Facebook Page.

Over the years, a number of my learners have seen an AA Driving School car pass them in the road and were often convinced it was me (when it wasn’t my car!). Now there can be no confusion!  Having taken off all the AA stickers from the car, the car now has a Roof L Box fitted with a decal fitted on each nearside door clearly identifying me as the instructor (rather than the car generically advertising the AA Driving School brand).

Aside of the look of the car, the car is the same. More importantly, I am still the instructor inside it!

As a result of this change, there are further exciting changes coming soon (satnav training, in-car camera and video training).

First Time Pass for Katy at Chilwell Test Centre

Well done Katy on passing your test at Chilwell today at your first attempt. As I’ve mentioned, your driving has become increasingly, controlled, relaxed and disciplined over the last few lessons so it is so pleasing that you were able to show those skills to the examiner today. Although I’ve not needed to support you for long, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping you prepare for your test day. Have a great summer!

Martin is a fantastic driving instructor, would recommend him to anybody that asked. He is a great communicator, we discussed my plans in an initial meeting and every lesson was planned out so well, his style of teaching is great too. Coming from a previous instructor a few years ago and having that gap between learning, I always had a few issues and manoeuvres I didn’t like but those were sorted pretty much straight away. The lessons definitely built my confidence up to be able to pass first time. Thank you so much, all the best!

Izzy Passes Test at Chilwell Test Centre

Well done Izzy on passing your driving test at Chilwell Test Centre today. I’m so pleased that you were able to demonstrate your consistently good driving skills to the examiner today and come away with a well deserved pass certificate. Enjoy your summer break from university and hope to see you for a motorway lesson next term.

I passed my test today thanks to Martin, honestly could not recommend a better instructor! He obviously puts a huge amount of time and effort into every pupil and really focuses on the best way to adapt teaching to each individual. Thank you Martin for helping me achieve something i doubted i could do!

Driving Test Success for Margarita at Colwick

Congratulations Margarita on passing your test today at Colwick Test Centre.  It was good to sit in the back of the car and witness a very good drive in some challenging conditions. I’ve enjoyed working with you and helping you develop your skills over the last few months so it’s really pleasing to see you pass today. Well done again.

Change of AA Driving School Franchise


Further to the article I posted on 20th May, I just wanted to let you know that I am now in the process of changing my franchise with AA Driving School. This is due to take effect from 29th June.  The following summarises the key points of the change:-

  1. All AA driving instructors are self employed and operate under a franchisee agreement with AA Driving School
  2. My new franchise with AA Driving School will allow me to operate more independently
  3. The main difference that you will notice is that the car would no longer be branded as AA Driving School (although it is still provided by AA Driving School, as part of my franchise agreement with them)
  4. I will continue to use the same car until its annual replacement (due at the end of August). The AA stickers will simply be removed from the car on 28th June and replaced with magnetic signs and/or a detachable Learner Roofboard (with my own name and business contact details on it)
  5. My prices and discounts would remain unchanged for at least 12 months
  6. From 29th June, learners taking lessons with me would no longer be bound by AA Driving School T&Cs and will simply be required to agree to my own terms of business (which are currently being reviewed, amended and enhanced to reflect these changes … and will be circulated next week)

If any of my current learners did prefer to continue learning in an AA Driving School branded car, they would be given the opportunity to transfer to another AA Franchised Driving Instructor (although this would be at standard AA lesson prices or lesson prices set by an allocated instructor).