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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Driving Test Cancellation Service

When looking for a driving test at short notice,  you may want to use a specialist company that continuously seeks driving tests at short notice (once you have already booked a test). There are a number of different Apps/websites offering such a service, charging around £20. Driving Test Genie claim to have the cheapest service, charging £17.99 (correct as of October 2017) but, by using this link, a £3 discount is applied (reducing the cost to you to just £14,99). However, please shop around for other offers and always read their terms and conditions.

New Driving Test Manoeuvres

As all of my learners will be aware, the new driving test format becomes effective from 4th December 2017. This new format includes two new test manoeuvres (and the existing reverse bay parking manoeuvre will now be carried out in a public car park rather than the test centre car park). My learners are currently being trained on these new manoeuvres and, to support this training, an updated guide to manoeuvres has now been posted on the private section of this website (password protected for use by my pupils only).