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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Driving Lessons – Gift Vouchers

Are you thinking of purchasing driving lessons as a gift for someone?

If the learner is already learning to drive with me, you could obtain a package of lessons to suit your budget.

If the potential learner is not yet taking lessons with me, you might want to consider purchasing either a package of lessons (to suit your budget) or one of my Taster Sessions (a single introductory driving lesson, designed for brand new learner drivers) as a gift (e.g. for their birthday or as a Christmas present). However, it is important to contact me first, to discuss your plans in more detail, so that I can check that I am in a position to offer lessons (which will depend my current diary commitments and the location and availability of the learner). The Taster Session allows the learner the opportunity to meet me and have a first session before committing to a plan of future lessons. I would normally suggest that a Taster Session takes place on a Sunday or public holiday (as it is easier to find a suitable road for the first session) but this is not essential.

Whether you want to buy a single Taster Session or a package of lessons, a gift voucher will be generated and emailed to you (in  a pdf format) so that you can print it out as a gift. However, if you would prefer me to produce and post hard copy gift voucher (the size of a photo) to you, this can be done for a fee of £5 (which includes a copy of the Highway Code and posting and packing charges). While an e-Voucher will normally be processed on the day of purchase, please try to give me at least 3 working days notice for a package to be sent by post.

Pass Plus – Special Offer

The Pass Plus Course is designed for newly qualified drivers (to develop skills and confidence on faster roads, including motorways and country roads, in the dark as well as around town/city centres and also includes a discussion on the skills required to drive in a range of different weather conditions).

People who pass their test (after learning to drive with me) are offered a 20% discount off the price of the course (plus a further small discount if taking the course in their own car).

For a limited period, I am extending this offer to any newly qualified driver providing that they passed their test in 2017 and are able to take the course before the end of December 2017. The course usually costs £180 (6 hours) plus £25 for any additional hour needed (most people complete the course in 6 hours) but the discount reduces the cost of the 6 hour course from £180 to £144 (if the course is taken in my car).

The course is subject to my availability and subject to you liking my Facebook page. If you are intterested or want more details simply complete the contact form linked to this website, call me on 0798 011 1234 or message me by text, WhatsApp or from my Facebook Business Page.

Revised Show Me Tell Me Questions

Most learners should realise that the practical driving test is changing from 4th December and be aware that satnavs are being introduced into the test from this date, along with a change of manoeuvres. It is also worthwhile mentioning that the Show Me Tell Me part of the practical driving test is also changing from this date.

At the moment, two car safety questions are asked before you even start to drive on the test. One question requires you to demonstrate something (Show Me) and the other requires you to explain something to the examiner (Tell Me). The Tell Me questions are broadly staying the same and will continue to be asked at the beginning of the test. However, there is a pool of 7 brand new Show Me questions. You will be only asked one but it be will asked while you are driving, to simulate a real life experience of needing to do something (like turn on the headlights) when you are driving.

The new questions have already been published by DVSA and the Show Me Tell Me page on my website will be updated at the end of November (I have a couple of people taking tests in the next two weeks so don’t want to change that page now as it may confuse them!).