AA Franchised Driving Instructor in NG2, NG7, NG8 and NG9
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Terms of Business

It is important that you read my terms of business (detailed below in bullet points 1-15 inclusive) before your first lesson with me. I will ask you to confirm, by text or email, that you have read and accept these terms before your first lesson. If there are any material changes to these terms during your course of lessons with me, you will be provided with an updated copy at least 14 days before they come into effect (and asked to confirm your acceptance).

1. My Business Details. I am a self employed, independent driving instructor, operating under a franchise agreement with AA Driving School (AADS). I am registered as a sole trader under the name “Driving Lessons in Nottingham with Martin (LTD)”, with LTD being an abbreviation for my website “licencedtodrive.co.uk”, and can be contacted by phone (07980111234) or by email (drivinglessonswithmartin@gmail.com). Although I am contracted with AA Driving School, who arrange the provision of a fully maintained and serviced driving school car, your contract for driving lessons is solely with me (for the duration of your lessons with me).

2. Driving Licence – You must have a valid driving licence and produce the photocard version on or before your first lesson. Information about your entitlements to drive and any endorsements are not recorded on your photocard licence but this information is stored and available online via DVLA’s “View My Licence” service. Unless you are a complete beginner, I will require you to access this service and provide me with a computer generated code (so that I can also view your entitlement to drive prior to your first lesson, using DVLA’s “Check Someone’s Licence” service).  You must tell me of any changes (to entitlements or endorsements) during the course of your lessons with me.

3. Medical Fitness to Drive – You must check the list of notifiable medical conditions and advise me if you are suffering from any of the conditions listed, prior to your first lesson.  Although it is your legal responsibility to report any notifiable medical conditions to DVLA, I may seek assurances from you that suitable action has been taken (e.g. that you have discussed the impact of a medical condition on driving with your GP and/or reported this to DVLA) once I am aware of any medical condition. While it remains your legal responsibility to be fit to drive (which includes checking that any medication you may be taking will not affect your ability to drive), I may cancel or curtail any lesson where I believe that you are not fit to drive (and especially if suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs).  I will also check that your eyesight meets the minimum requirements (being able to read a car registration plate from 20 metres) on or before your first lesson but may also periodically check this during your lessons. In addition, you must let me know if you suffer from any condition that may effect your learning (e.g. ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, anxiety issues etc) and advise me of any change in your health situation during your period of lessons.

4. Insurance - Providing that you have a suitable valid driving licence and are medically fit to drive (for which you are legally responsible), you are covered by comprehensive motor insurance should you be involved in a collision whilst driving the tuition car. In addition to the car being insured, I have public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance (provided through my membership of Driving Instructors Association) but I am not liable for any losses that you may incur (including, but not limited to, any business interest you have) through circumstances outside of my reasonable control or outside of my legal duty.

5. Payments Prices will be agreed with you prior to taking lessons and will not increase for at least 12 months, providing that you are having regular lessons, with the exception of breaks for holidays (including university holidays). If there is a break in lessons of more than a month, for any other reason, any price changes will apply when resuming lessons. All lessons must be paid for by no later than the end of the lesson, using a method of payment agreed with me. One off sessions (e.g. a refresher session, mock test, motorway lesson) must be paid for at the time of booking (by bank transfer).

6. Refunds of Pre-Paid Lessons – If a block of discounted, pre-paid driving lessons is not fully used, lessons already taken will be recalculated at the PAYG price and any balance will be refunded to you, on request. However, if the reason for no longer needing to take lessons is that you have passed your test (after learning to drive with me), any unused portion of a discounted block booking will be fully refunded to you (or put towards any post test lessons e.g. Pass Plus course or motorway driving lesson).

7. Availability for Lessons Your availability for lessons will be discussed and assessed prior to your first lesson. Any changes in your availability or any planned breaks in your lesson plans should be notified to me at the earliest opportunity. If there is any change in your availability or any unexpected break from lessons, I will do my best to accommodate your new requirements but it may not be possible for me to continue providing lessons for you. Where there is a clash of requests for the same day/time, booking priority is given to people who usually have a lesson at that time followed by people who have purchased a block of lessons and then other PAYG learners who have regular (at least weekly) lessons. I will share my availability with you and notify you of any planned absences (e.g. holidays), with as much notice as possible.

8. Booking/Confirming Lessons – Booking lessons is subject to my own availability, which can vary from week to week (e.g. affected by the timing of driving tests booked by other pupils). Where lessons are held at the same time on the same day each week, the next lesson will usually be confirmed in the car at the end of each lesson (or an alternative option discussed, if the usual slot is not available). Where lessons are held at different times or on different days or can not be confirmed in the car, for whatever reason, the date/time of the next lesson will be proposed by text message (or using the WhatsApp or Facebook messaging service, if preferred) and will be reserved for you for 24 hours, awaiting your confirmation. If you do not confirm the booking, the slot will become available for others.

9. Cancelled Lessons – My approach to cancellation charges is that any lesson cancelled by you, due to illness, will NOT be subject to charge providing that you provide prior notification (by text message or phone call), at least 1 hour before the scheduled start time. Similarly, if I am unwell and not fit enough to provide a lesson, I will advise you as soon as I can and rearrange the lesson as soon as I am fit to resume work. If either of us need to cancel a lesson for any other reason than illness (e.g. due to a change of work, school, college or university schedule), at least 48 hours notice must be given.

If you fail to provide the minimum notice (1 hour for illness or 48 hours for any other reason) or do not show up for a lesson, a cancellation charge of the full cost of the session will apply and, in the event of repetitive cancellations (where three or more lessons have been cancelled, for whatever reason), consideration will be given to stop providing lessons.

If you are likely to be late for your lesson, please text me as soon as you know. Likewise, although I am very punctual person, sometimes unexpected traffic can cause me to arrive slightly later than planned. In this case, I will contact you (to advise you) and, where possible, extend the lesson so that the lesson continues for the full scheduled time.

Please note that if a practical driving test is cancelled on the day of the test by the DVSA (e.g. due to the absence of an examiner or industrial action), a full charge will be made (as you will be able to claim the cost of the two hour test day session from the DVSA). However, if the test is cancelled due to weather conditions, you will not be able to claim from the DVSA. In those circumstances, I will not charge you, if the pre-test lesson is also cancelled, but a charge for the pre-test lesson will be made if that lesson is not cancelled.

10. Conduct in Lessons – I aim to create a safe and friendly environment in the car, in which learning can take place, and have agreed to abide by the DVSA’s voluntary Code of Practice and the Driving Instructor’s Association’s (DIA) Code of Conduct (both available on request).

Mobile phones must be  switched off or on silent mode during the lessons. If a phone rings during the lesson or, exceptionally, if a phone call is required to be made, the car will need to be parked and the lesson will be temporarily suspended until ready to resume again. Please note that, legally, hand held phones can only be used when the car is parked and the engine is switched off.

My car is equipped with dual controls, which I will operate where verbal instruction is neither a timely nor an appropriate option, to ensure that any mistakes do not involve breaking a law (e.g. speeding or not stopping at a red traffic light or pedestrian crossing), where actions would create a serious safety issue for either ourselves or others (e.g. emerging unsafely into a road), I may also use them to help prevent inconvenience other road users (e.g. stalling at a junction) or to demonstrate an aspect of driving. If  I do take control, I will explain what I have done and why I have done it.  While I aim to avoid any physical contact during lessons, on occasion, in order to manage any risk of collision (e.g. if getting too close to a parked car or drifting into another lane), I may need to take control (of the steering/gears/handbrake) and this may result in inadvertent physical contact with your hand/arm. If there is a need to frequently take control, we will review whether the plan of lessons is appropriate or if there is an underlying area of learning to focus on. You will probably make many minor mistakes during the course of your lessons, while you are developing your knowledge or capabilities, and that this is expected and is all part of the learning process. However, displaying any disregard for road safety (e.g. a tendency to wilfully drive faster than is legal, suitable or instructed) or showing an inappropriate attitude to me or to other road users, will result in serious consideration given to curtailing a specific lesson or ceasing future lessons.

11. Progress Review – I will maintain a record of your driving lessons, containing a summary of your progress, in your Driver Record. In your first lesson, we will discuss how your progress will be measured and monitored and the best way for you to receive feedback during your lessons (and we will review this approach periodically, to ensure that it suits your learning style). Be aware that every learner makes mistakes while learning to drive. Making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process and provides a key opportunity to check understanding and discuss any gaps in knowledge or difficultly in applying driving skills. Discussion and feedback given, following any mistakes made, will focus on developing skills and measuring progress and should not be viewed as personal criticism.

12. Use of the Tuition Car for the Practical Test

  • 1. The practical test should only be booked once I have agreed that you have reached (or are close to reaching) test standard and a lesson plan agreed (leading up to the date of the test) and should be done in consultation with my availability.
  • 2. I reserve the right to withdraw the car for the use on the test, where I do not believe that you are appropriately equipped to pass a test (i.e. that you not at the stage of driving independently or safely, without frequent intervention or significant support), but I will advise you of any such decision at least 3 working days before the day of the test (so that you are able to rearrange/cancel the test without losing the DVSA fee).
  • 3. I allocate 2.5 hours for the test day. One hour is required for the test itself (including waiting time), one hour for a pre-test lesson and 30 minutes to drive you home (or to an agreed drop off point) afterwards. A charge equivalent to the price of a two hour lesson is applied for this 2.5 hour session for tests arranged during the week (Monday to Friday) but this is increased to a rate of £55 for a test on a Saturday or Sunday (unless you usually have lessons at the weekend). For pupils who have had at least 25 hours of lessons with me and NEVER cancelled a lesson, the charge for using the car on a practical test booked during the week (Monday to Friday) will be waived. This offer is extended to the weekend tests for learners who usually have a weekend lesson with me.

13. Trust & Confidentiality - As trust is an important aspect in learning to drive, I am committed not to share details of your progress with others. While I may, on occasion, refer to a situation that another learner has encountered, this will be purely to illustrate a situation that you may face yourself (as part of your learning process) and will not involve divulging the name or identity of any other learner. If you personally know of any other learner who has had (or is still having) lessons with me, I will not discuss their lessons with you (or discuss your lessons with them). Where lessons are being paid for by a third party (e.g. a parent) and where the person paying for lessons has expressed an interest in your progress, I will seek your permission to share an overview of your progress with them but will also expect you to be updating them on a regular basis, in more detail.  Finally, any personal information you choose to share with me during the course of your lessons will remain confidential.

14. Use of Your Data – Any personal data you provide me will be held securely and in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998. Prior to the first lesson, you will need to provide me with personal details that are recorded on your driving licence (full name and address, date of birth, driving licence number, expiry date) as well as contact details (email address and contact telephone number, ideally a mobile). These details, with dates of your lessons and payments will be recorded on my home PC (and back up devices) for administrative and accounting purposes and stored for 6 full accounting years (to satisfy HMRC requirements). Other records used, purely for my own statistical purposes (e.g. driving test results), will identify you only by your first name and date of test. During your lessons, use of any in-car camera will focus on images outside of the car and not identify you as the driver. Details of your progress will be recorded on paper records (stored at my home address, except on the day of your lesson). Upon completion of your course of lessons, I will erase any personal details you have given me from these records (except for your name, reference number and payment details) and store them with my accounting records. The contact phone number you provide to me will be stored on my phone and used to allow me to make contact with you in respect of driving lesson arrangements. I may also contact you, after you have passed your test (unless you ask me to delete your number from my records), to see how you are getting on with your driving or to make arrangements for further sessions (if you have indicated an interest in any post test lessons). If you have provided a testimonial for my website, I will retain your contact details in case I am required to verify the source of the testimonial. None of your details are used by me for marketing purposes or provided to any third party (other than to law enforcement agencies or to AADS, for insurance purposes, as requested). On request, I will provide you with a copy of any record I hold that identifies you (free of charge for an initial request but an administrative charge of £10 will apply for any subsequent request).

15. Complaints – Nothing in these terms affects any statutory rights you may have as a consumer. In the event that you are unhappy with any aspect of your driving lessons with me, you should discuss the situation with me immediately in the first instance. In the unlikely event that any concerns raised with me are not resolved between us, you may contact DVSA.

Version: 14th Edition (Dated October 2017)


Please ensure that you have read the above terms in full before clicking on the link below to confirm that you accept these terms.

I declare that I have read and accept the above terms of business for my driving lessons with Martin (AFTER CLICKING, TYPE THE NUMBER 606060)